Community Boards & Liquor Licensing
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Community Boards & Liquor Licensing


In the liquor licensing phase of your journey, our role is to serve you as your personal Community Board process consultant and advocate. From the eyes of a former community board member we will oversee and prepare all CB application materials and preparations with you and your attorney. We will ensure that each element not only meets but surpasses expectations of the board and surrounding community.



Total preparedness and being able to communicate your overall vision and competency in just a few moments are key, as well as being able to demonstrate earnest community outreach and communication. Often denials from the board arise from avoidable errors in presentations that have left your credibility and understanding of local quality of life issues in question.

Venue Advisors entire community board consultation process is intended to not only help  prepare a complete presentation but also to advise and educate the applicant on the communities expectations and guidelines to help avoid future quality of life conflicts. Our goal is to help good operators, with good concepts get license approvals in order to positively contribute to their local community.