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“She is an amazing human being and she belonged on the board. Thank you.


Ryan Moody, www.stardustlove.com
Washington Crossing, PA



“Ariel is a pillar of the community”

Tommy Strangie
Miami Beach, FL



“Ariel is a committed, knowledgeable, fair and reasoned individual with integrity”

Allan Mannarelli
New York, NY



“Ariel has served our community with grace and concern”

Allegra Riggio
New York, NY


“She’s the best….”

John Downs
New York, NY




“I love this woman and stand by her work she is very much needed!”

Mickey Ramos, Health Counselor
The Hetrick-Martin Institute – New York, NY



“Ariel is a honest woman who has the best interests for both the community and the local businesses”

Kyle Obrien, Owner
Bonnonniere – New York, NY


“Ariel is all about serving and protecting NYC’s culture and community!!!”

Jason Patrick
New York, NY



“Ariel is truly an amazing human being”

David Delzio, Owner
New York, NY



“Ariel is a valuable voice. She is also a wonderful person…”

BB Tyger
New York, NY


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