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“I’ve known Ariel for many years and I believe her to be a woman of good and moral character. I am impressed by her and have enjoyed knowing her for decades”

Michael Tronn, Founder
Events & Marketing, Producer E! Entertainment



“Because Ariel is a voice for creative downtown”

Anthony Lappe, Co-Executive Producer
VICE Media, Inc. – New York, NY



“Ariel understands the neighborhood and all those who try to improve it and add value to it”

Aleksey Kernes, Founder
Hooch – New York, NY



“She is a valued member and took action when I was living in East Village. Caring about businesses and the reality of the neighborhood”


Justin Michaliga, East Village Resident
New York, NY



“She always has the best interests of this great neighborhood in mind”


Joseph Batista, Sales Engineer
nfrastructure – New York, NY



“Ariel has proven herself as an honest and fair member of the community board”


Howard Cho, Owner
Fat Buddah – New York, NY



“She is an understanding woman who values all parties. She is patient, kind, and unbiased”

Paulo Salud, Photographer

Shani Griffith Consulting – New York, NY



“Her sensibilities around the community is heard and respected in our establishment and amongst the friends and neighbors in this area”


Ginn Choe, LES Resident
Astoria, NY



“The LES restaurant industry deserves to have a savvy person who appropriately addresses community concerns with context”


Josh Terrill, Logistics General Manager
Cocktail Kingdom – New York, NY



“Ariel is respected by many in our neighborhood and is a true advocate for the neighborhood”

James Tune, Co-Owner

Boiler Maker – New York, NY



“Ariel is a rational voice who represents us as a local and small business owner. She cares about our community as a local and former business owner”


Eric Kruvant
Drexler’s – New York, NY



“She was a great representative from within the industry. She had a unique point of view. She is very involved in the community”


Shmuel Avital, Owner
Speigel Cafe – New York, NY




“She is a huge asset to our community”


Darin Rubell, Owner
Boulton & Watt, Forrest Point, Farm to Fork, 983 Bushwicks Living Room – New York, NY





“She’s great…”

Clifford Cho, Owner
Fat Buddah – New York, NY


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