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“Would not have stood a chance obtaining a liquor license without Venue Advisors. Too many unknowns, too many surprises, too many protocols of which to keep track. Ariel is the harbor pilot who brought us in safely”

Damion Luaiye,
t Al




“I approached hospitality consultant, Ariel Palitz, in hopes of utilizing her expertise, knowledge, and advice to deliver a successful hearing at Community Board 3. Ariel was kind, thorough, detail oriented, professional, and keen on helping us orchestrate the most triumphant hearing. Because of Ariel, we were able to achieve our goal. Ariel’s strong understanding of the hospitality industry and community board process fueled our effective results. Working with Ariel was a pleasant and fortunate experience. I would recommend her to any up-and-coming restaurateur”

Valon Gjekaj, 
Black Rose Hospitality Group, LLC – New York, NY



“Working with Ariel was a great experience, she is so knowledgeable and has the know how and inside experience that is required to present a good case to any community board in the city. She will foresee any possible troubles and its solutions and was crucial to our success.

Ariel was always willing to offer her assistance and had an excellent rapport with us as we worked together. She is an asset to any person in need of guidance for any endeavor in reference as to obtaining a positive outcome from the community boards and block associations.

I will recommend her anytime to whomever is going to through the hard process of getting approval from a Community board”


Ricardo Valdez, Partner
Excuse my French – New York, NY



“I sincerely thank you for your guidance and motivation…You have been of great assistance to us”


Tim Gashi, Partner
Black Rose Hospitality Group, LLC – New York, NY



“For community board three to actually represent the entire community it needs to have a diversity of viewpoints. Ariel has business experience and has shown to be a rational thinking in serving on the board”


Robert Perl, President and CEO
Tower Brokerage – New York, NY



“I know Ariel personally and she is the best person to represent the TRUE interests of the neighborhood and ceaselessly pours herself into community enrichment programs and groups. She is (and was) the only board member i have seen so far who actually cares about protecting the culture of the LES”

Elisa Blynn, LES Resident
New York, NY



“Ariel provides balance, professionalism, and more knowledge of the actual liquor authority process than any past or present member of the SLA committee or the entire community board since David McWater”


Ravi Sharma, P.C., Attorney
New York, NY



“Ariel has served our community with grace and concern”

Allegra Riggio
New York, NY


“Ariel is a sound voice for the community (and CB3 board), fair, honest, has years upon years of experience…And truly cares about creating + protecting culture on the LES”

Meredith Geller, Holistic Health & Lifestyle Consultant
New York, NY


“When I was the associate director of the living theater Ariel helps us navigate through a lot of the bureaucracy at the mayors office and pointed us to agencies that helped us stay at Clinton St as long as we could. She is an advocate that not only assists but also makes sure that organizations and business know where they stand. A straight shooter all the way”

Luis Christian Camacho Dilorenzi, Associate Director
The Living Theater – New York, NY



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